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Business Development Assistant / Trainee (BDA)

The primary role of the BDA at HIAV is to manage all internal sales generated from customers contacting the Company via the telephone, email or internet. In addition, the BDA is expected to maintain the Company presence on the internet and social media with product and news information. It is also expected that the BDA will develop direct marketing and sales skills to find and win new business opportunities in our target markets.

The role is target based, targets will be agreed at regular intervals and the BDA is expected to at least achieve these targets and on regular occasions exceed them. This a business to business role. The target markets will be defined by the MD in terms of the size, location and business activity of the organizations in those markets.

As this is fundamentally a sales and marketing role, the BDA will be expected to acquire and develop relevant sales and marketing skills and keep them updated. Additionally, as the products and solutions HIAV sell are technical it is essential that the post-holder has a basic understanding of technology and works to enhance relevant technical knowledge and skills and keeps informed of developments in the industry.

As with all sales & marketing roles the BDA will be required to keep records of activity, customer and prospect encounters and ongoing sales opportunities. Selling will require the use of a solution sales approach. The winning of new business will require the creation of technical designs and sales proposals.

The role is mainly office based. From time to time meetings with customers and prospects will occur at their premises.

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Lead AV Engineer (LAE)

The primary role of an LAE at HIAV is to ensure successful first time installation of AV systems at customers’ sites around the UK. This includes the specification and planning of these installations along with the upgrade, maintenance and repair of installed systems when necessary. Additionally, an LAE will be expected to provide input into project management and sales & marketing activities where the technical skills of the LAE are required e.g. solution design, technical specifications etc.

An LAE must be able to perform the role in any of the following ways;

  • Individually, working alone
  • As the lead member of an installation team
  • Managing a team working concurrently at a separate site (where team members are either fellow employees, sub-contractors or a mix of both)

It is essential that the LAE ensures that projects are delivered on time and within budget, to this end the LAE is expected to participate in project planning and management. The ability to achieve this is a critical success criteria of the role.

On those occasions where projects do not run to schedule or budget an LAE is expected to manage the situation to bring about a conclusion that is acceptable to the company and the client. The ability to work under your own initiative and communicate effectively with client and company management is required.

Provide recommendations and improvements to company procedures to assist in meeting customer SLA’s.

An LAE must have and keep up to date appropriate AV industry qualifications, familiarity with the products promoted by HIAV and any appropriate regulatory and H&S certificates.

An LAE will carry out site surveys and document findings to assist in system designs and costings and is required to maintain documentary records in line with company requirements.

As required, incoming engineers will be managed by the LAE. The LAE will be involved with the recruitment process for incoming engineers including training, appraisal and HR issues.

Where appropriate, the LAE will be required to assist with other non-installation tasks to help improve and develop the company.

For the majority of time the LAE will be working at customer premises, the role will require regular attendance at HIAVs office.

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