What size of screen is right for meeting rooms and boardrooms?

23.11.2018 - 6.28

A recent installation into a prestigious client demanded the highest quality image but how do you decide what size is best?

Use this formula to guide you to the right size. 

D = L/3

Where D is the diagonal size of the screen and L is the length from furthest away viewing position to the screen in inches. Example: If the furthest away chair is 20 feet (20' x 12" = 240") away then D = 240/3. Therefore D is an 80" diagonal screen.

Price usually dictates the size in most cases where the technology and right solution are not understood. Consumer TV's are the right price but you compromise on the things that differentiate them from professional displays.

Anti-glare glass stops reflections on the screen and makes the content more visible to the audience. This means you can see clearly from anywhere in the room. Consumer TV's do not offer this and force you to position yourself carefully to avoid reflections or worse by switching off the lights and drawing the curtains/blinds just to view your presentation. Do you really need to darken the room and what atmosphere will the meeting take in the dark to see the content on you AV solution?

The quality of the product, like you would find when buying a car, would lead most people to a "does the job" solution, but what if you really needed something more suitable to overcome room challenges from ambient lighting or direct sunlight? You have a choice with professional screens where high brightness is an option. The high brightness screens combined with the anti-glare glass will give you the best possible result when you need it.

For those larger boardrooms, the supporting AV equipment needs to match the functionality and proportions of the room and furniture or it will look aesthetically challenged. This is where our AV designer will advise on what is the correct size of screen for the meeting room or boardroom. Audio Visual Designers work with your drawings and furniture plans to advise what is the best AV integration solution for the room, irrespective of cost. The AV system design is created for good reasons and at that point it is up to the client to justify the spend.

The size of the screen will usually start with the width of the table for aesthetics to give you a balanced feel. Then consider the distance from the furthest away chair to the display while viewing an Excel spreadsheet. 

Hopefully it is at this point the realisation is that a screen has to feel right and be big enough that everyone can view it without the use of binoculars.

Boardrooms are the most important meeting spaces and should be given the VIP treatment. If your client was to judge you by your facilities then would you be seen as cost cutters or professionals?

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